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Different varieties of cherries

  1. Bing cherries: are a popular, commonly available sweet variety. They are large and heart‐shaped with dark red skin and firm ruby‐red flesh. The flavour is sweet and slightly rich and they are suitable both for eating fresh and cooked. They are at their best late in the season.
  2. Lapins: are available late in the season, from mid‐December to January. They are a large heart‐shaped variety, with dark red skin and firm, golden‐red flesh.
  3. Merchant cherries: are a large heart‐shaped variety. They have dark red skin and golden‐red flesh. They are sweetly flavoured and are available early in the season.
  4. Rons cherries: (also known as Ron’s Seedling) are commonly available mid‐season and are one of the most popular and versatile varieties. Rons are a large heart‐shaped cherry with black, slightly thick skin and juicy deep red flesh. They are delicious either eaten fresh or once cooked.
  5. Stella cherries: are available from mid‐December and are a popular addition to many Christmas tables. They are a medium to large heart‐ shaped variety and are dark‐red with sweet, firm flesh.
  6. Van cherries :are a medium to large, slightly‐squat heart‐shaped variety with dark brown‐red skin and sweet red flesh. Van cherries are available mid‐season
  7. Simone: one of the new varieties of cherries that have come out of breeding programs in south-west Canada. The fruit is large – almost like a small plum, black, succulent and tasty. Quite resistant (more or less) to splitting when ripe. Self pollinating although having another variety will increase yield.
  8. Kristin: A must-have for sweet cherry lovers in the North! Tested in Norway and across Montana, this tree still managed to reliably bear crops of large, glossy-skinned purplish-black cherries. Fruit is firm and meaty, marvelous for fresh-eating.

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