About Us

Sacred Hill Cherries


Sacred Hill Estate is a proud family owned business. From humble beginings back in 2002 growing into the enterprise that it has become today. Being a cool climate grower we grow and pack premium quality cherries and export to the Middle East and South-East of Asia. We maintain a high quality standard throughout the entire process to ensure premium quality. Located within an easy two hours drive from Sydney, forty-five minutes from Canberra and under 20 minutes from the town of Goulburn.

While researching the history of our property in Parkesbourne (20 minutes from Goulburn town centre), we discovered that the region had once been a popular area for growing stone fruits.

Seeing a potential for cherries, we established Sacred Hill Cherries. Together the family planted all of the cherry trees, and built an onsite state of the art pack house and grading plant using GP graders air jet technology that would allow us to harvest, pack and distribute a quality product as quickly as possible. 

Our location is perfect, with easy access to Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne. Sacred Hill Cherries now exports to Asia, and the fruit can arrive in Hong Kong, Singapore or Malaysia within 24 hours after packing.


From pruning the trees to fully computerised and controlled drip irrigation and fertigation to grow the fruit, we use nature friendly products and techniques all year around to ensure that once cherry season comes along we have the best quality cherries we can provide for our customers. We maintain a high quality standard from growing to packing.

Our state of the art grader is fully computerised and uses air jet technology that sorts the cherries for size, colour and defects to produce a perfectly packed box of cherries.