Sacred hill cherries is a cool climate grower with an altitude of approximately 728 metres above sea level. With this elevation we experience very cold winters ranging from minus 8 degrees to hot summers of up to 35 degrees. Even on hot summer days our tempreture drops to around 12 degrees in the evenings. This range in tempreture is ideal for growing premium quality cherries. Located in NSW approximately 20km west of the town of Goulburn. We grow, pack and sell both to the domestic and export markets. We also welcome you to join us for an amazing experience and pick your own Cherries.
Pre-packed cherry boxes and wholesale enquiries are also welcome.

Cherry Picking in Parkesbourne

Sacred Hill Cherries is located Just 2 hours from Sydney, under an hour from Canberra and just 20 minutes from Goulburn. Our Season usually starts in early December, depending on the weather. We invite you to join us on a pick your own experience. Bookings are essential. Book here

Pre-Packed Cherries

Graded, sorted and packed export quality Cherries are also available to purchase

We recommend that you Pre-order.




Different varieties of cherries

Bing cherries: are a popular, commonly available sweet variety. They are large and heart‐shaped with dark red skin and firm ruby‐red flesh. The flavour is

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Exports & Wholesale

We grow and only pack the best quality cherries. All wholesale and overseas orders are welcome.We currently supply domestically and export to South-East Asia and

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The benefits of cherries

Research has shown that cherries may benefit and help: Arthritis and inflammatory conditions Lower blood sugar levels in people with diabetes Lower the risk of

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Opening Hours

  • 10.30am-04:00pm Daily
  • Closed on Christmas
  • Closed on New Year

Contact us

  • Bryan: 0456879519
  • Lim: 0456878761

237 Merilla Lane, Parkesbourne NSW 2580